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New Release of NovaBACKUP Now Available

Version: 19.2
Release Date: 10/03/18

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Release Highlight: New Boot Disk Tool Allowing for Vastly Improved Disaster Recovery

In the newest release, NovaBACKUP users now have access to a brand new Boot Disk Tool, which means if you have a disaster and need to recover your data using a boot disk, the entire process will be much more streamlined and efficient.

Feature Advantages:
    • New interface and intuitive workflow eliminate potential for error when creating backup images
    • Drastically improved speed to reduce downtime, providing immediate recovery of your data
    • Supports an expanded array of hardware
    • Clone your hard drive to another drive directly from the boot disk
    • Higher level of reliability

See a full walkthrough of the new boot disk feature here: See Video

New and Improved Central Monitoring Tool (CMon)

The CMon allows you to manage all your NovaBACKUP installations from a single browser-based interface.
    • The CMon now has 10 times greater scalability -- you can oversee more
       than 100 installations across multiple environments.
    • Uses 50% fewer system resources, reducing overhead and improving speed

You can learn more about the CMon here: Learn More

Supports the Latest Technologies and System Optimizations

    • Supports the latest Windows 10 Update (Version 1803)
    • Supports SQL 2017
    • Substantial reduction in cache requirements to save storage space and reduce footprint
    • Numerous bug fixes and system upgrades, improving speed and reliability.

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