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NovaStor offers unmatched, local customer support

NovaStor Support

Our customer service and support technicians are all in-house, based in the USA. Our support is never out-sourced, so you get assistance directly from NovaStor engineers who have the industry and product understanding to address your unique needs.

How do I get tech support?

If you are currently using a trial of NovaBACKUP, please submit a support ticket online.

Customers with Active NovaCare or Active Subscription

If you purchased NovaBACKUP, and your NovaCare or Subscription is currently active on that product, you may get help by calling our tech support team.

Call +1(805) 409-3140 (Monday – Friday 8am-5pm PT)

If you can’t wait in the queue, please leave a message with your name, license key, call back phone number, and email address. To expedite your support request, submit a support ticket online.

If you do not know whether your NovaCare is active, please use your license key to check your NovaCare status.

Customers with Expired NovaCare or Canceled Subscription

If your NovaCare has expired or your NovaBACKUP Subscription is no longer active, please see below before requesting support.

If your NovaCare expired less than 30 days ago, NovaStor offers a grace period to renew your NovaCare. You will need to enter your license key to verify your renewal eligibility in the shopping cart. If you do not know when your NovaCare expired, please check your NovaCare status to verify your NovaCare expire date.

If you cannot renew your NovaCare, you may purchase a per-incident support call or buy a new license to receive technical support for products that are still supported.

If you need additional assistance, please contact NovaStor at onlinesales@novastor.com

What type of service and support do you offer? Back to Top

Setup Assistance is a one-time professional service offered to server-level product customers. Setup Assistance is included with your purchase (available for up to 30-days from initial purchase). Additional setup assistance to reinstall your NovaStor products is available as a pay per-incident professional service.

You don’t have to be a backup expert with NovaStor on your side.

Demo Installations are offered to first-time users to help you learn how to use NovaBACKUP server-level products. NovaStor technicians install trial versions of NovaBACKUP software in your environment and show you how to use it.

NovaStor offers an extensive online support knowledgebase to familiarize users with NovaBACKUP products.

  • Product Related Articles
  • How-to Videos
  • Product Documentation
  • Submit a Question

Our knowledgebase is available online and directly within NovaBACKUP products so you can find the answers you need right away.

NovaCare is NovaStor’s customer support program. NovaCare provides ongoing access to NovaStor’s technical support team as long as the customers’ NovaCare coverage remains current or their subscription is active. NovaCare support includes:

  • Phone Support: Call +1(805) 409-3140 (Monday – Friday 8am-5pm PT)
  • Email Support: Request support via our customer ticket tracking system
  • Restore Assistance: Help with recovery of data due to loss

Customers who have supported NovaBACKUP products but whose NovaCare has expired may purchase pay per-incident support.

NovaCare includes upgrade protection. As long as your NovaCare or subscription product is active, you have access to the latest version of your NovaBACKUP product.

  • Product Updates: Minor dot releases
  • Product Upgrades: Major version releases

Customers can renew their NovaCare at any time as long as their NovaCare is active. Once their NovaCare has expired, they have a 30-day grace period to renew. Once that period has ended, customers need to purchase a new license in order to receive the latest software version.

Professional Services

Customers with needs that lie outside basic NovaCare may retain NovaStor Technical Support expertise by purchasing Professional Services. Examples service offerings:

1. “Architectural Review” and Customer Environmental Recommendations
2. Disaster Recovery Assistance
3. On-Site Support Services at Customer Location (Requires T&E)
4. Additional Training Beyond Initial Product Demonstration
5. Additional Setup Assistance When Reinstalling NovaBACKUP Products

Contact the NovaStor sales team at onlinesales@novastor.com to find out more or request a quote.

Do you offer screen share for support? Back to Top

Download TeamViewer

NovaStor technical support engineers use TeamViewer to assist customers in their own environment. TeamViewer allows you to share screens and give access to your system so you can work with NovaStor Technical Support to solve problems.

If the support technician asks you to download TeamViewer to better assist you, you can do so here.

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