Megabus Pty Ltd.

An industry icon, synonymous with Retail, Wholesale and Franchise/Dealer Groups.

Founded in 1979 with a vision and pioneering spirit to automate Point of Sale systems, Megabus also offers a wide array of technology services to streamline and protect their client’s valued business data.


Real value from a ‘whole of network’ approach

When customers required backup and restore as an integral component of their data availability, Megabus looked to NovaStor as their preferred backup technology vendor to serve their clients in the Retail and Wholesale industries. NovaBACKUP Business Essentials has become the recommended Tape Backup solution, while the NovaBACKUP NAS product family offers remote administration from NovaStor’s Central Management Console (CMC).

Virtualization-capable for clients

While recently servicing a customer in the field of wholesale distribution – Megabus was faced with the requirement of backing up multiple virtual and physical machines at the file level – from a central location at a cost that wouldn’t be prohibitive to the client. NovaStor’s NovaBACKUP NAS product resulted in a perfect fit to achieve this task. Backup jobs are now easily administered and initiated conveniently through NovaStor’s CMC, which is accessible via any web browser connected to the Internet. NovaStor’s all-inclusive pricing model means that the customer can conveniently back up both their SQL and email databases without any additional costs for plugins or features.

“The NovaBACKUP NAS products are the perfect solution for centralized control of network backups.”  Systems Administrator at Megabus.