As a leading IT service provider for modern medical practices, SCHAFFLHUBER is called upon to deliver a large volume of digital solutions for surgery computing and dental imaging systems.

Trying to keep up with increasing growth, SCHAFFLHUBER looked to NovaStor for help backing up application data. With NovaBACKUP Server, SCHAFFLHUBER can easily back up compressed and standard data at above-average speeds, with no limit on backup orders and volumes.

IT service provider to doctors, dentists and more

Imaging systems like digital X-rays create vast quantities of data in medical offices, and it’s crucial for all of it to be backed up securely. Since reliable backups and archiving to ensure data availability call for highly qualified IT personnel, many practices opt to place patient data in the care of an external specialist. Industry-leading SCHAFFLHUBER supplies dental offices and other medical practices with vital digital systems solutions, including surgery computing and networking, intra- and extra- oral camera systems, and flexible image and video archiving – all from one source.

In-house backup wasn’t keeping up or delivering feedback

SCHAFFLHUBER initially relied on in-house development to copy and store their data. Unfortunately, the solution required large staffing and rapid data increases. SCHAFFLHUBER needed a product that could support a wide range of storage media, offered fast and powerful restoration, along with reporting and administrative functions to regularly monitor customer backups. NovaBACKUP Server complies with all of the following, at a low administrative overhead and the right price for SCHAFFLHUBER’s budget. All their customers have to do is choose the storage medium – usually a hard drive – and they’re good to go.

Faster backup plus regular check-ups

SCHAFFLHUBER installs NovaBACKUP Server via remote dial-in, adjusts settings and automatically recreates images and backs up selected files or directories. SCHAFFLHUBER’s customers have no contact with the application and can enjoy the benefits of a virtually-in-house IT service – with no need to send their data off the premises. With NovaBACKUP Server’s reporting functions, SCHAFFLHUBER receives regular status reports and is alerted to any problems that may come up. Troubleshooting is usually executed via remote dial-in. Because NovaBACKUP is reliably stable and highly functional, SCHAFFLHUBER can set up their customers’ backup services much more quickly than before. The amount of backups that were either cancelled or not completed has decreased by a huge margin, and backup times have been reduced by about 75%.