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All-inclusive features to support Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, Hyper-V & VMware

More data security at a higher speed

NovaBACKUP Network protects your data across your entire network with incredible speed - even with very large amounts of data, you can meet your backup window. Numerous safeguards ensure that your business is able to get back up and running quickly in the event of a business-critical data loss.

Fast & secure backups.

Utilizing high performance movers NovaBACKUP Network minimizes system load, while maintaining the highest data throughput. By utilizing optimized compression, the processing load is distributed to both the client and storage medium allowing for faster backup and restore speeds. Offers military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption, for the highest professional standard of security.

  Remote installation of Windows clients.

Remotely installing Clients on a Windows machine directly from the GUI offers a more streamlined process with reduced steps required for installation. This functionality removes the need to connect to each machine via remote desktop connection to call the installer from a central share drive.

Multistreaming and Multiplexer.

Shorten your backup windows by streaming multiple backup and restore jobs across multiple servers to one device all at the same time. Backup and restore data faster (tape library and disk).

Simple universal licensing.

One price covers everything you need to protect your small or medium-sized business. Know exactly what to expect with simple, no-surprise universal licensing.  There are no hidden costs for add-ons or extra plugins. With NovaCare, all your minor and major upgrades and support is included.

Security you can rely on.

NovaBACKUP Network not only achieves high speeds, but it also ensures that your backups are readily available for restore by performing a consistency check of the backup at each backup. As an additional security measure, you can schedule the management of backup media to regularly review the readability of your backup media.

Performance at a glance.

NovaBACKUP Network reduces the cost of backup administration with integrated central management. A configurable dashboard offers comprehensive intelligence regarding the status of your backup jobs, with the ability to initiate new jobs at a click. View individual or multiple backups at a glance via a single pane of glass to verify success rates. Easily setup notifications to alert you in the event of malfunction, so you can fix the error immediately and execute the backup to completion.

Logical cloning to ensure recovery.

Cost-effective protection in the event of the loss of individual fuses. Make copies of selected backups on different backup servers and at other sites to ensure recovery.

  Hyper-V Incremental Support

As the number of hosted VMs and data sets for Hyper-V environments grow, it is important for companies to be able to only backup changes. By reducing the amount of data to be backed up, data backups are completed faster, allowing for a shorter backup window. With version 6.4 available now, customers can run Incremental backup jobs to granular item recovery pools for virtual machines under Microsoft Hyper-V.

NAS User Rights

Assigning access rights for backup services is much easier, and thus the process of setting up a connection to a NAS device as a storage target is easier as well.

Disaster Recovery and restore assistance.

In the case of business-critical data loss, the individual responsible for restoring that data is under enormous pressure. With three targeted measures, NovaBACKUP Network supports you in a loss by providing a security net. First by offering a user interface that transparently guides you through the restore process, secondly by giving you the freedom to restore your backups to any location or media device on your network and lastly by offering restore support at no additional cost.

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