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What is the difference between NovaBACKUP PC and NovaBACKUP Professional?

NovaBACKUP Professional was renamed to NovaBACKUP PC with the version 17 release. NovaBACKUP PC continues to offer the same world-class data security protection, with the latest updates and features, and is rated the #1 Backup Software for Windows Laptops, PCs, Desktops and Workstations.

When I make changes to a file, does NovaBACKUP save a new copy of the file (and keep it alongside the old version), or does it overwrite the old file and replace it with the new one?

NovaBACKUP is capable of doing both, depending on the type of backup job you have chosen. Full backups will keep both files (which is useful if you think you'll need to retrieve older versions of documents and files), and incremental backups will overwrite the older version and replace it with the newest one (which is useful for saving space on your backup drive). You can choose full or incremental backups from the control panel.

Do I have the ability to choose the files and folders that I want to backup, or does NovaBACKUP choose them automatically?

Both options are available. If you'd like to choose which files to backup, the Smart Select backup wizard will help you select the folders and files to protect (like documents, emails, photos, or pictures). Alternatively, you can select files and folders manually.

I need backup software that automatically backs up my entire computer (files, photographs, CAD plans, Outlook emails, etc.). Do I just need one license?

NovaBACKUP PC only requires a single license to backup your entire Windows PC. If you have more than one PC, you can purchase a multiple-license package at a discount.

Does running a backup job with NovaBACKUP save only new files created since the last backup, or does it save all the files on my computer again?

NovaBACKUP can do both types (full or incremental backups) depending on how you choose to configure it.

Am I able to restore single files from a backup onto my computer, or do I have to restore an entire backup to access my files?

With NovaBACKUP you can individually select which files you'd like to restore from a given backup. Alternatively, you can restore an entire backup.

Does NovaBACKUP support backups to a tape drive?

NovaBACKUP supports most single tape drive devices as long as they are internally or directly connected to the computer you have NovaBACKUP installed on.

I backup all my documents and programs to a USB drive, but I'd like to create online backups as well. Can NovaBACKUP do this?

Yes. NovaBACKUP offers local storage and online cloud storage (with providers like Amazon), and allows you to easily manage both backups from one interface.

Can NovaBACKUP PC backup to the cloud?

People define cloud backup in many different ways. NovaBACKUP PC is able to backup to cloud storage in the following ways: True online backup from a preferred NovaStor provider, Amazon S3 storage, and via access to your preferred File Sharing Services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SafeSync and iDriveSync.

What Operating Systems does NovaBACKUP PC support?

NovaBACKUP PC supports all latest Windows operating systems for PCs, laptops and workstations, including Windows 10.

For a complete, up-to-date list of system requirements for NovaBACKUP PC, please view our system requirements document.

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