PC Guide To HTML

Have you ever considered building your own website from the ground up? To do that, you can learn the coding language most commonly used on the Internet: HTML. Happily, HTML is very easy for a novice to pick up, especially when compared to more complicated programming languages like C or C++. Also, potential coders can create their website right on their PC; they don’t necessarily need a complicated program, just a text editor like Notepad.



More Resources

  • Codecademy: Codecademy offers a free way to learn how to use HTML online.
  • HTML Element Reference: Find a huge list of HTML tags ordered alphabetically here.
  • The jQuery API: For advanced Web developers, the jQuery API is an important part of learning JavaScript.
  • CoffeeScript: Using CoffeeScript, novices can become more acquainted with JavaScript.
  • Mozilla Developer Network Reference Guides: Mozilla is the organization behind the browser Firefox and offers free introductory information on how to use HTML.
  • Learn CSS Layout: Make your websites more beautiful using this free CSS tutorial.

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