PC Typing and Mouse Tutorials

It’s important to know how to use a computer. Most jobs today require that you know both how to type and how to use a mouse. Being able to use a computer can help you get your schoolwork done, apply for jobs, find new information, and keep in touch with your friends and family. Right now is the perfect time to refine your skills!


After a bit of practice, you’ll be able to type without looking down at your hands. You’ll also be able to type faster than writing something down on paper! To get started, first, make sure you are sitting with good posture. In other words, you should have your feet on the floor and a straight back. Also, when you type, you should make sure that your wrists do not slump down to your desk; they should stay up. Now, your fingers will need to find the home row. Your left pinky should land on the letter “a.” Then, each finger should land on the letter next to it. Your ring finger should be on “s,” your middle finger on “d,” and your pointer finger on “f.” Your right pinky should be on the semicolon (which is “;”). Your ring finger should be on “l,” your middle on “k,” and your pointer finger on “j.” Your thumbs should rest gently on the space bar. This is your home row and where your fingers should rest when you stop typing as you practice. When you need to type other letters, you’ll need to raise, lower, or shift your nearest finger to that key. For instance, if you need to type “q,” the pinky finger on your left hand should move up from “a” to “q.” Use these games to first practice typing your home row keys and then other letters:

Mouse Exercises

Knowing how to use a mouse is also very important for using the Internet and most basic programs on you PC. Use your mouse to interact with the items on your computer screen. Any movements you make with the mouse on your desk will make the little arrow (which is called a cursor) on the screen move. Mice usually have at least three parts: the primary button, the secondary button, and the scroll wheel. When you go to click or double-click something, you usually use the primary button, which is on the left side. The secondary button is on the right and often interacts differently with objects on your screen, bringing up a new menu or providing you with new options (that’s often referred to as a “right click”). Then, there’s the scroll wheel, which allows you to move the page on the screen up and down without moving the cursor. Of course, some mice, such as a mouse for a Mac computer, only have one primary button. Also, some mice are more complicated, with many different unique buttons. Using the buttons on a mouse, you can do many different things: scroll, click, double-click, right-click, drag and drop, highlight, and more. Use online tools to help you learn about how to use a mouse properly. Using the movements of your mouse on the desk and your scroll wheel, point the cursor on top of one of the links below, and then hit the left, primary button. That will take you to a new page!

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