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New Release of NovaBACKUP Now Available

Version: 19.3
Release Date: 03/11/19

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Release Highlight: Reduce Downtime Costs with Direct to VHDX Backup and Recovery

In the newest release of NovaBACKUP, you can create an image directly into VHDX format, which means your image backups can now be directly mounted by a Hyper-V machine within minutes. With this feature, recovering from a disaster can be faster and easier than ever.

Feature Advantages:
    • Enables you to quickly bring up a backup copy of a machine to reduce your downtime
    • Prepares you to be compliant with regulations (example: HIPAA)
    • Disaster recovery portability: you can take the new image to any machine to restore from it
    • Keeps you one step ahead of ransomware and other threats

Watch below to see how to create an Image BACKUP in VHDX format:

And see below how easy it is to boot that VHDX Image backup as a hyper-V virtual machine:

Plus, the new version of NovaBACKUP supports Windows Server 2019 and the Fall Windows 10 patch, among many other improvements.

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